Writing In a Digital World Resource Page
Writing in a Digital World Application can be viewed, downloaded, or printed here:

Following are resources created by and for participants in Third Coast Writing Project's Writing 2.0 Open Summer Institute. Information about the 2010 institute can be found on the home page. These resources were created during the 2009 institute.

Digital Stories

Third Coast Writing Project has been working with digital storytelling since 2000 and is recognized across the National Writing Project network as a leader and innovator with this media. TCWP has offered intensive, week-long digital storytelling institutes, but for Writing 2.0 we condense the experience into one day as it is only of the media forms we work with during the week.

This example was made in one day during the 2009 institute by participant Jen Conrad.

Photo Stories

Similar to digital story in many respects, a photo story uses a simpler technology application, so it's easy to use with elementary students, or to introduce elements of digital media composition. This photo story was made by 2009 Writing 2.0 participant Bean Klusendorf during a three hour session.

Podcasts are audio compositions published on the internet as audio files. Podcasts can take the form of any genre of literature/writing, and these examples were created as a "book review" podcasts by 2009 Writing 2.0 participants Jackie Shurmack, Sioux Rosawlski, Jen Conrad, Bean Klusendorf and instructor Corey Harbaugh. They were produced in less than two hours.